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About Right To Food London

The good work of volunteers at foodbanks, charities, faith groups and other community groups have been used by Government as a ‘back stop’ to avoid changing legislation and facing the responsibility they hold for record numbers of people living in poverty after years of austerity cuts and stagnating incomes. We believe this is not only ethically wrong, but it is also unsustainable.


Right to Food London supports Ian Byrne’s National campaign to enshrine the Right to Food in law. Right To Food legislation must be accompanied by oversight and enforcement powers granted to a new independent regulatory body that will hold Government to account.

We are a campaigning group of Londoners including trade unionists, tenants, foodbank volunteers, community food organisers, nutritionists and local councillors. We demand:


  1. Healthy and Affordable Food for all - this means:
    1. Universal free school meals for all nursery, primary and secondary children

    2. National standards of food provisioning which meet nutritional needs of all ages

    3. A network of community kitchens/restaurants including opening school kitchens for community use

    4. Public land utilised for community food production 

    5. Price caps on food essentials

    6. National Food Strategy with the right to food at its core

    7. Hunger is a public health issue and health inequalities are tackled

  2. Higher Wages and Incomes - this means:
    1. Ending the need for charitable food and nutrition aid

    2. Real living incomes for all with food costs as a proportion of wages

    3. All community food and nutrition workers to have nationally agreed pay and conditions

    4. If people decide to work as unpaid volunteers there must be nationally agreed conditions

    5. An end to means-tested referrals

About Us

Upcoming Events

14th Jan2023

Right To Food: Pan London Strategy Day

A day for all Right To Food campaigners across London to share, learn and plan our Right To Food Pan London Strategy.


More details and speaker announcements coming soon.

Details coming soon

Take Action

Right To Food London encourages everyone to play their part in the campaign. The only way we can succeed is by participating and building a movement impossible to ignore. Here's some of the ways you can use your voice.

Take Action

Sign our Petition to Sadiq Khan


Two million Londoners – 400,000 children and a quarter of pensioners -  can’t afford sufficient food. We face terrifying fuel costs and levels of debt. The avoidable deaths seen in the pandemic must not be repeated!


Join our WhatsApp groups

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Active participation is an essential part of our movement’s success. Join our WhatsApp chat groups to share campaign ideas and resources! 

Help spread the word

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We need as many people as possible to know about our campaign. Download our printable posters and stick them up wherever you can to raise awareness of who we are and our demands!

Become a RTF Borough

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Form a group or coalition committed to advocating the Right to Food in your borough, by raising awareness and creating connections with like minded groups and individuals. If you have a group already set up, or you would like to set one up, get in touch with us and tell us what you are doing or would like to do so we can support one another.

The Right to Food Movement

Check out what's going on across the UK and internationally

National Campaign

Ian Byrne MP partnered with grassroots organisation Fans Supporting Foodbanks in a campaign to make access to food a legal right for all.


Global Network

The Global Network for the Right to Food and Nutrition is an initiative of public interest CSOs and social movements, acting jointly for the realization of the right to adequate food and nutrition.

The Movement
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